In The Beginning...

Some people actually feel that I'm big-headed since i want to talk about my knowledge to other folks. I am not trying to show off and this is far from the things which I would like to do. I'm simply sharing my knowledge because I wish to help other folks. My name is Jordan and I reside in Mississippi. Even though I am often known as a blogger, I have a different profession and I work as an Ecologist. I wanted the content articles to be named after me so I decided to make my own web site. I was a ghost writer for a small firm in the past. Before I decide to share something about the things which I know, I'd really like to share some details about myself.

It is true that I'm the kind of individual who loves to do anything, but you can find some things that I hate. I always love to read books about romantic endeavors, supernatural and more. I also love to watch movies, but I think I might enjoy reading since this is the only thing that I do to alleviate my stress. My work is fairly stressful so I find other ways to reduce stress like eating sugars.

I am aware of new technologies introduced at this time and I love the world wide web so most of my content articles will be focused here. I am always spending lots of time on the world wide web because i always read my books here.

I'd like my visitors to know that blogging is not my way of earning extra income. I am not acquiring anything in return. This is something that I like do since i realize that it would benefit me in the foreseeable future. Running a weblog is not also my method of acquiring attention from other people because i have plenty of friends and I have a big family so I do not really need a lot of recognition.

I will not be pressuring anyone to read my works, but if you would be interested in it, you could always visit this website. This is my method of preserving my knowledge and I do this by writing the content articles and posting them online.

You can always send me a message if you want to me to write content articles about distinct subjects for example technical or Internet topics. If you're asking about love or romantic endeavors, I won't be capable to help you since i don't know anything concerning this.

For other topics, I can help you recognize a few of the new technologies today and provide some facts about how they are applied on the modern world.

I'll be creating some content articles associated with the internet as well like Website Hosting, SEO and article marketing. I'm certain that I could make a number of articles using these subjects.

Although you can find things that we might not both consent, you will find some topics that you will surely find interesting. Keep in mind, when you have any suggestions, you are free to share your views with me and we will talk about it.
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